Secrets You Only Tell Your Realtor

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You may be selling your home because there are things you just don’t like about your house.  But to be a smart seller, there are secrets you should keep to yourself. But make sure to tell your Realtor! They need all the information so they can successfully sell your home to the right buyer.  Here are a few things you need to avoid chatting about.

1. Taxes

Property taxes are the worst and seeing them go up over time can be a big turnoff.  Potential buyers could automatically say no to home if they think they will be paying big bucks year after year.  Make sure your realtor knows what they are and how to handle that with the buyer.

2. Noisy Neighborhood

I used to live by a house that constantly did fireworks and had their ATVs out on the street every night. But when it came time to sell my house, did I mention that? Nope! Ever if the buyers seem to be a party crowd that’s okay with noise, it’s not something that needs to be shared.  Last thing people want to hear is that you won’t get a good nights sleep.

3. The House Needs Work

This is of course something you need to speak to your Realtor about.  The home inspector will be able to find all the problems as well.  But it is not your place to discourage buyers by mentioning all the things that are wrong with your house.  There are a lot of investors interested in fixer uppers so let the professionals handle that conversation.

4. Crazy Neighbors

I’ve had my fair share of the Kookie neighbors next door.  However, all personalities blend differently and for all you know, they may end up being the buyers new best friends! Plus, people come and go all the time so there could be new people in the home after you leave.  No need to bring up unpleasantries.

5. Pest Problems

Again, if there’s any sort of infestation, it will show up in the home inspection.  You can take the time to deal with the pests before you put your home on the market, or wait for report to come back.  This is another conversation to have with your agent and have them advise you what would be the best option.

6. Safety

Some people do move because they no longer feel safe in their neighborhood or their home.  This is an obvious turn off to potential buyers.  But you have to remember, this could be a step up from where they were previously living.  Safety is relative and most buyers have already looked into the neighborhood and decided if this is a safe enough place for their family.

7. Moving For Work

Definitely let your real estate agent know that you are moving for a new job or a transfer so they are aware of your deadlines and needs.  However, disclosing this to potential buyers may make them feel like they can take advantage or low ball you because you need to sell.  When there’s a sense of urgency, buyers may want to use that in their favor.  Speak to your realtor about how to handle it.

8. Outgrown the House

What may suddenly feel teeny to you may be a palace to someone else.  Take the time to declutter and stage your home so it looks as spacious as possible and let it speak for itself.  Talking about the downfalls of the house will not make it appealing to buyers.

Basically, you never want to deceive or lie to buyers, but you definitely can be a line drawn where you don’t want to say too much.  Having an experienced real estate agent help you navigate the best way to show and describe your house can be invaluable.  They will know exactly what needs to be disclosed and when it should be.

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