Vegas Golden Knights


Vegas Golden Knights: The Beginning of an Epic Tale

Tonight was a night of many emotions and celebrations. Just prior to face off of the inaugural home game of the Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL’s newest expansion team in Las Vegas, a 58- second moment of silence was held for the 58 victims of the deadly massacre October 1st. There after, survivors of the shooting came out to center ice to sing our country’s National Anthem. On the ice were the names of the victims that were put there by the players. The team was introduced along with first responders as the emotions were sky high.

But that wasn’t it! Once the game started, the players kept emotions riding high.

Not even 2.5 minutes into the game, thinking that they had turnover, the Arizona Coyotes got caught off guard. When in reality the puck was pushed up to Tomas Nosek who shot one past the goalie and, BOOM! That’s one goal!

The crowd erupted and it felt indescribable. But the best has yet to happen as less than 3 minutes later, BOOM , Deryk Engelland added another goal making the score 2-0. Back to back goals in 4:27 giving the Knights an awesome start.

LV Golden knightd

“It was probably one of the more emotional moments of my life,” Engelland said. “I probably don’t plan on scoring in too many games, but to get that one was pretty special.”

Neal, who scored the first goal in franchise history, made it 3-0 just 6:15 into the first period. Neal added the first power-play goal in franchise history 4:27 later, setting off roars of excitement in T-Mobile Arena.

The Golden Knights took a commanding 4-1 lead after the first 20 minutes of regular season NHL action in Las Vegas.

James Neal scored twice during a thrilling four-goal first period, and the Golden Knights go on to win 5-2 and remained unbeaten becoming the first team in NHL history to begin their debut season with three straight wins.

“There was so much emotion, but we tried to stay focused on hockey, even though it was bigger than hockey,” Neal said. “This is our town. We’re making it our home, and we want it to be a hockey town.”

 Marc-Andre Fleury made 31 saves for the Golden Knights.
Just nine days after the massacre occurred less than a mile from T-Mobile Arena, the Golden Knights reverently honored the victims and heroes before the long-awaited home debut of the city’s first major professional sports franchise.

“We talked about tonight being the most important game we’ll ever play,” NHL coach Gerard Gallant said. “A lot of guys, we’re playing for our city. We’re playing for the tragedy that happened, for all the people that were here tonight and affected by the tragedy. I thought our guys did a hell of a job. They came out and they focused on the game. They focused from the start.”




Las Vegas Real Estate Market News


Las Vegas Real Estate Market News

National Association of Realtors Latest News

Six months ago, we reported that the mismatch between the type of inventory of homes f

or sale and the demand of buyers in the US was causing the formation of two markets.

In the starter and trade-up home categories, there were significantly more buyers than there were homes for sale, causing a seller’s market. In the premium, or luxury, home categories, the opposite was true as there was a surplus of these homes compared to the buyers that were out searching for their dream homes, which created a buyer’s market.

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Newss latest Existing Home Sales Report, the inventory of existing homes for sale in today’s market is at a 4.2-month supply. Inventory is now 6.5% lower than this time last year, marking the 27th consecutive month of year-over-year decreases.

Looking at latest the Las Vegas Real Estate Market report from Trulia, we can see that not much has changed, and in fact, recent natural disasters across the country have made inventory conditions even more dire.

Trulia’s market mismatch score measures the search interest of buyers against the category of homes that are available on the market. For example: “if 60% of buyers are searching for starter homes but only 40% of listings are starter homes, [the] market mismatch score for starter homes would be 20.”

Image result for A Tale of Two Markets: A 6-Month Update

Nationally, buyers are searching for starter and trade-up homes and are coming up short with the listings available, which is leading to a highly competitive seller’s market in these categories.

Premium homebuyers, on the other hand, have the best chance of less competition and more inventory of listings in their price range with a 14.7-point surplus, which is creating more of a buyer’s market.

Las Vegas doesn’t need to fear another housing crisis

Seems like just yesterday we were all underwater. Memories of cascading home foreclosures and abandoned, half-built subdivisions still feel raw. Something about the dustiness of the desert and its lack of natural vegetation made the housing crash feel catastrophic—like we were previewing a future where climate change inevitably starts the zombie apocalypse.

But now Las Vegas home prices are going up-up-up again, and economic forecasts are rosy. Those empty lots have been finished, and new master-planned communities are springing up wherever land can be found. Local governments are even booting the squatters who’ve been keeping the lights on in the Valley’s forgotten homes.

imagesAmid all the good news, headlines seem to have skipped from stories of devastation to proclamations of housing shortages without a moment of normalcy between the two. It’s enough to give you whiplash. No surprise that every mention of price increases brings out a throng of Internet Cassandras warning of the next bubble. Not that online commenters can be trusted for their economic acumen, but they do tap into our collective psyche. Like Depression-era kids who spent the rest of their lives scraping pennies, it’s hard to escape the feeling of bursting bubbles in Las Vegas.

Where to find a reality check? Real estate folks have too much skin in the game, so we reached out to a neutral party: Stephen M. Miller, director of the UNLV Center for Business and Economic Research. In the calm, reassuring voice of an academic economist, Miller says he doesn’t see any evidence of a bubble. That’s not just one man’s opinion. Every quarter, his center surveys local business leaders to see how they’re feeling about life’s prospects. The result is the Southern Nevada Business Confidence Index, which is currently positive. Specifically regarding home values, 70 percent of the folks surveyed expect them to increase this year. Population growth should buoy the housing market, too.


Image result for las vegas real estate

So is it safe to buy? “As a consumption item, I don’t see a big problem,” Miller says. He advises shoppers to be patient and ready to pay above list price because of diminished supply of low-priced starter homes. “Competition is fierce.”

Arrival of pro athletes may stoke demand for Las Vegas penthouses

LV Raiders & KnightsIn 2009, the penthouse unit at Turnberry Place 3801 was on the market for $16 million. One of the largest penthouse units in Las Vegas, the two-floor listing included five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a wet bar, pool, billiard room and scenic view of the Las Vegas valley.

Then the recession hit. In 2011, the penthouse was traded to a new buyer for $8 million. Today, the unit is once again on the market, this time listed at $6.9 million.

Nicole Tomlinson, the director of real estate agency Shapiro and Sher’s high rise division, said the luxury real estate market was hit hard during the recession.

“It takes a unique buyer to buy a penthouse,” she said.

For many of Tomlinson’s clients, high rise units tend to be their second or third home, an unnecessary purchase that many opted out of during the recession.

And the penthouse market in Las Vegas is still healing, according to Tomlinson.

“The prices are still not fully back to where they were in 2008,” she said. “They dropped so significantly, they’re still on the rebound.”


Rebounding demand

But things are looking up. With more professional athletes coming to Las Vegas and billions of dollars worth of development on the Strip, Tomlinson said she’s seeing a demand for penthouses increase.

Kristen Routh-Silberman, a realtor at Synergy Sotheby’s International Realty, has been seeing the same trends.Arrival_of_pro_athletes

According to Synergy Sotheby’s International Realty’s state of the market report, high rise units in Las Vegas saw a 6.6 percent growth in units sold between May 2016 and May 2017.

Routh-Silberman said she expects that growth to continue.

“We’re seeing a lot of activity in high rise where it hasn’t been that way for the past couple years,” she said.

Routh-Silberman said Synergy Sotheby’s International Realty’s penthouse listings usually stick to a $2.5 million to $5.5 million price range, although they have listed “mega penthouses” that can have a price of up to $8 million.

“At that top range, properties tend to sit on the market longer,” Routh-Silberman said. “It’s definitely a top 1 percent of the market (buying those listings), the numbers (of buyers) just aren’t there.”

Routh-Silberman said the luxury market’s peak selling times are near the beginning of football season or the Chinese new year. These reflect the typical high rise clients: young bachelors and international buyers.

“A high rise isn’t a mom and dad and four kids,” Routh-Silberman said. “A high rise tends to be a jet set playboy, someone single with multiple properties … It’s either before the family or empty nesters.”

Plenty of luxury featuresLV_Raiders_stadium

This means most penthouses tend to have fewer bedrooms, Routh-Silberman said. But what they lack in rooms is made up for in luxurious features.

“Penthouses typically have higher ceilings, more amenities, bigger balconies, spas or pools on decks, floor to ceiling windows,” Routh-Silberman said. Many of the penthouses she sees also have extravagant features like theaters, fingerprint recognition technology and water features.

Tomlinson said many of her buyers are California natives looking to escape rising taxes or purchase a second home nearby. International buyers are also attracted to the Nevada housing market, Tomlin said.

“The demand for high rises has gone up in recent years,” she said. “Five to 10 years ago, that wasn’t the case as much.”

In turn, the penthouse inventory in Las Vegas has been on the decline. Synergy Sotheby’s International Realty’s state of the market report showed that the month’s supply of inventory is down 48.8 percent between May of 2016 and May of 2017.

“We don’t have any new projects on the market. I don’t know of anything that under construction right now,” Routh-Silberman said.

That low inventory means the market is in its prime time for selling.

“You’ve got a better chance of selling than you ever had before for the past two years,” Routh-Silberman said. “The next three years look like good market indicators for Vegas.”

Contact Bailey Schulz at or (702)383-0256. Follow @bailey_schulz on Twitter.

Las Vegas Real Estate News | June Las Vegas Housing Market Update

Image result for las vegas real estate updates summer 2017The Las Vegas housing market is one of the most interesting to watch. It was one of the worst affected by the housing market crash in 2008 and many have gotten lucky from purchasing after the crash and others have lost thousands and thousands of dollars from their Las Vegas real estate investments. The Las Vegas housing market has definitely been one of the most dramatic the last 10 years and many other cities throughout the United States stay tuned to the ups and downs. Throughout the last year the market has stabilized in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. The major indicators of a stable market is the low percentage of distressed listings, stable and slowly climbing home prices, and between 3 and 4 months worth of inventory.

It’s an exciting time in the Las Vegas housing market! Las Vegas home values are continuing to rise, builders are beginning new housing projects, and homes listed on the Las Vegas real estate market are selling fast. In Las Vegas we have about 2 months worth of housing inventory. Healthy real estate markets often have 5-6 months worth of inventory. This housing shortage is driving prices up. Many of those who felt like the housing market in Las Vegas would never recover are seeing the Las Vegas housing market shift from a buyer/investor dominated market to a seller’s market. Though it is not a fully fledged seller’s market yet, sellers are gaining more and more power, especially as the number of homes for sale in Las Vegas is staying low. Below are a few key things that are happening in the Las Vegas housing market for the month of June.

Image result for las vegas real estate updates summer 2017More and more buyers

An exciting piece of Las Vegas real estate news is that Fannie Mae will be lowering FHA loan requirements. This will allow more people to qualify for an FHA mortgage. An FHA loan is already the easiest financing option out of the 5 most popular ways of financing a home purchase in Las Vegas. The update for FHA loan requirements is that Fannie Mae is increasing the Debt-To-Income from 45% to 50% by the end of July.

This is a nationwide change, however since Las Vegas already has low inventory, this change may make inventory even lower. This is also one of the busiest times of the year as far as buying and selling homes go. Many people list their home for sale on the Las Vegas real estate market after school is out so that their children don’t have an interrupted school year. Many people also purchase homes during the summer as they will have their kids to help pack and move and don’t have to worry about missing school or homework assignments.

Image result for las vegas real estate updates summer 2017Rising home prices

We’ve already discussed that the Las Vegas housing market has a low inventory of homes. With the addition of many buyers wanting homes, the prices are driven up because of the supply/demand of homes. This is great if you are ready to move or if you’ve been underwater on your mortgage. Many homeowners who purchased right before the recession are finally “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” The average single family home price in Las Vegas is currently floating around $250,000. This is fantastic because it has risen tens of thousands worth in a short amount of time. Sales numbers continue to rise as homeowners are getting more than they thought possible for their home.

Image result for las vegas real estate updates summer 2017Las Vegas Housing Shortage

The president of the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® stated that Las Vegas is experiencing a housing shortage early last month. The cause is the number of buyers in the market, the result is the rising home prices that Las Vegas is experiencing. This has many builders creating new neighborhoods as fast as they can, many buyers are lowering their standards for their home purchase or being forced to act fast when buying a home in Las Vegas. Already experts are seeing that 2017 is going to outsell 2016’s almost 42,000 Las Vegas residential real estate sales. Even with the shortage, the Las Vegas real estate market is on fire and will outpace the last few years in sales volume.

Image result for las vegas real estate updates summer 2017Is another Las Vegas housing bubble coming?

Many things about the Las Vegas real estate market are starting to resemble the pre-recession market. Housing prices are quickly increasing, construction projects are increasing, loan standards are also being instated by big housing market players like Fannie Mae. Though you should always be on the lookout for market trends or upcoming events, many experts are not worried about another recession. Las Vegas, according to many experts in this local market, has learned its lesson from the recession. The demand for jobs is increasing with the demand for housing, and the unemployment rate is lower than it’s been in a long time.

There are many exciting things happening in the medical field in Las Vegas such as the world’s first health village in Henderson, and UNLV’s medical school beginning this Summer. There are also several tech companies coming to the Las Vegas Valley and many suspects that Las Vegas could be the new Silicon Valley. Many of companies are moving to Las Vegas from California to avoid California’s extensive regulations and to take advantage of Nevada’s no state income tax.

Image result for las vegas real estate updates summer 2017How does this information about the Las Vegas housing market apply to you?

If you are buying a home in Las Vegas. Realize that you will have a lot of competition and will have to be patient when making your offers. Remember the home isn’t yours until escrow closes and you get the keys. If you are a home seller, you may have the upper hand on your buyers depending on what your home has to offer and it’s price range. With the speed at which the Las Vegas real estate market is moving, it is essential to have a good real estate agent on your side. Someone who has experience in the local real estate market will help you determine if you’re paying too much for a home, asking too much for your home, and help you make quick, educated decisions in your real estate transactions.


Vegas cracks down on short-term rentals

Posted on by Las Vegas Real Estate

Airbnb hosts in Vegas last year collected $35.5 million of rental revenue

The city council of Las Vegas approved new rules to restrict owners who advertise homes as short-term rentals on Airbnb and other home-sharing platforms. Council members enacted the rules in response to complaints about homes used as “party houses” by short-term renters.

Image result for las vegas real estate news

The new rules require owners to obtain a special use permit priced at $1,030, to submit proof of liability insurance for $500,000 in damages, and to post placards outside their homes with contact information and the maximum occupancy allowed.

The new rules also require that owners of short-term rental properties to have one additional parking spot for every bedroom in excess of five.

Owners of short-term rental properties in Las Vegas already had been required to arrange for a property inspection, to obtain a business license and to pay an annual permit fee of $500. Las Vegas also prohibits short-term rental properties from being within 660 feet of each other.

San Francisco-based Airbnb reported earlier this year that Las Vegas home owners last year hosted more than 250,000 guests and collected $35.5 million in rental revenue.

Airbnb spokeswoman Jasmine Mora said in a prepared statement that the new rules set by the city council in Las Vegas threatens the short-term rental income of “thousands of Las Vegas families.”

Airbnb has fought legal and regulatory battles in many metropolitan areas, including South Florida, where the company convinced a judge to issue a temporary restraining order that prevents Miami from enforcing a ban on short-term rentals in residential areas.

[Daily Business Review] – Mike Seemuth

Lake Las Vegas Is Working On A New Look

Image result for updates on las vegas real estate

For starters, the old Falls golf course clubhouse just off Lake Mead Boulevard and Lake Las Vegas Parkway was reopened in January as the Lake Las Vegas Sports Club. An exclusive membership club for Lake Las Vegas residents, it offers all the workout equipment a typical sports facility would have plus outside tennis courts, pickleball courts, a 25-meter lap pool, resort-sized swimming pool, spa and steam room, yoga studio and various instructor-led exercises classes.

The sports club also has designated a room to UNLV for its Sports Science Center where the university can conduct physiology and kinesiology studies. Students and professionals are using the center for education, research and various guest presentations.

Reflection Bay Golf Club underwent a $5 million renovation of all the holes and the clubhouse. It is a signature Jack Nicklaus designed course, and the golf legend himself walked each hole to supervise the renovation. In 2015 the course was named one of the Top 100 Resort Golf Courses in the United States by Golf Digest and No. 4 in Nevada by Golf Week.

Image result for updates on las vegas real estateReflection Bay Golf Club will be hosting the Audi Henderson Lake Las Vegas Classic Oct. 26-28. The non-profit event will raise money for Keep Memory Alive and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Included in the round of golf are foods prepared by chefs from 17 restaurants around the Las Vegas Valley. More information is available at

For special events, Scott Commings, head chef at Reflection Bay Bar and Grill at Reflection Bay Golf Club, is available to plan the menus. He won Season 12 of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Commings is the on-sight chef for the golf club and special culinary events at the Lake Las Vegas Village.

Several new food venues have recently opened in the Village offering a variety of cuisines for local residents and tourists. Proof Tavern opened in April offering breakfast, lunch and dinner and is Lake Las Vegas’ only gaming venue with 15 video poker machines at the bar.

Raintree opened “Seasons”, a chain grocery store. The store offers fresh produce, meats and seafood, shelves of typical grocery items you would find in a chain grocery store, a coffee bar and hosts special events such as wine-and-cheese tastings. Near the entrance to Seasons is a stainless-steel, fresh-squeeze orange juice machine, which residents enjoy using themselves.

The changes that were most noticeable are along the lake in the Village. A floating park was added for playing games and to sit and hang out. A new sand beach was built along with a large sandbox for kids to play in and a sports facility called Lake Las Vegas Water Sports. The new water sports offered include fly-boarding, cable wake boarding, paddle boarding, kayaking and other water sports. Trevor Pope, who runs Lake Las Vegas Water Sports, said the facility opened April 29 and has been very well-received.

Should The Las Vegas Golden Knights Bail Out Anyone?

The idea was that Vegas needs to make the cap floor, which next season figures to be in the area of $45-46 million. Making the cap floor when it’s that low, and you need a 23-man roster really isn’t hard at all. If your average player’s AAV is just $2 million, you’re there. The average NHL player’s salary overall right now? Some back-of-the-napkin math says it’s something like $2.9 million.

Image result for las vegas golden knights

There is no real reason for Vegas to go bad-contract shopping. Not with anyone. Especially because they’ll take on, Marc-Andre Fleury’s money ($5.75 million) and add that to their existing player in Vadim Shipayov, who’s set to make $4.5 million next season. They’re more than 20 percent of the way to the cap floor already!

So why would Vegas help the Capitals by saying, “We’ll take Brooks Orpik off your hands,” instead of letting them fret over losing someone who’s actually good? (And look, Washington is managing this weirdly already; look at that Tyler Graovac trade so they could protect both Jay Beagle and Tom Wilson. God, who even notices those guys are gone?)

The Caps are just an example, but you can clearly apply the logic to any team you like that has a bad deal on the books: Boston, Detroit, Chicago. Go nuts.

Image result for las vegas golden knightsAnd in fact, the Chicago example is interesting. Word on the street is that in exchange for only taking Trevor van Riemsdyk, and to help Stan Bowman avoid his usual cap crunch, Vegas is also going to get Marcus Krueger. Krueger is a player they value — I’d argue “overvalue,” but fair enough — and Chicago’s in a cap crunch, so they help out Bowman by taking one of his more expendable defensemen and get a decent bottom-six forward out of the deal. Solid work, and that’s another $3.9 million in salary to add to the pile.

That’s without taking into account a few of the other rumored deals George McPhee has in place, like he does with Anaheim, and perhaps Ottawa. Actually, the Sens are a funny example too, because Bobby Ryan was absolutely right (for once) when he dismissed the idea that Vegas would take on his contract. If you’re McPhee, why are you taking on that player at $7.25 million for the next five years unless Ottawa throws in, like, a useful young prospect and a pick?

The NHL is in total chaos right now because of the expansion draft and McPhee would be derelict in his duties if he weren’t calling every other GM and saying, “Nice roster you got there. Would be a shame if something bad were to happen to it.” Because even if your intentions aren’t to take Useful Fifth Forward X from Good Team Y, for any reason, the job is to create the appearance that you are.

The smart strategy, from where I sit, is to load the roster with decentish 30-plus guys and youngish, upsideish early-20s guys. Make sure the veterans are signed for no more than three years. The money effectively doesn’t matter if they’re signed that short-term. You have something like $76 million to spend. And those younger players often aren’t going to exceed the league-average salary in the first place.

I know we’re all supposed to pretend like this team has a chance to be competitive. The best expansion team ever and all that. But realistically, if you’re looking at a team of mostly No. 5 forwards, maybe a few No. 4s, and mostly No. 4 defensemen with maybe a few No. 3s, backed up by a couple of No. 1b goaltenders, that strikes me as pretty rotten.

We know that as you get deeper down the lineup, the number of events per 60 tends to slow down. So even if they put together a first line that looks more like a decent second line, the ability of that second line to keep up with most teams’ first lines — even in a depleted Western Conference — is going to cause problems in terms of attempt, shot, scoring-chance and goal generation and prevention.

Image result for las vegas golden knights rosterSo part of the question is: “Does Vegas think it will be playoff-competitive?”

It shouldn’t, and certainly all the messaging coming out of the desert these days is that they will look to push for that 92-point threshold. But that might just be because you can’t tell a brand new base of season ticket holders, “Well we know we’re gonna live in the basement for three years.”

Then the other part of the question is: “Should a push to be competitive preclude the team from leaning on everyone else to wring as many high draft picks and higher-end prospects as they can?” The answer there is “obviously not.”

It’s fairly certain that this team will neither actively tank — why else help Chicago by taking Krueger and not, say, a first-round pick in the mid-teens — nor actually position itself as a legitimate playoff competitor. Mainly because it can’t do either.

Now is the time for McPhee to start twirling his mustache as villainously as possible. If teams are panic-trading Mikhail Sergachev (and okay sure, it’s the Canadiens and they’ll panic-trade anyone) you have to act like you have nothing but ill intent for whichever players they don’t protect.

Take the rumored deal with Columbus that would see Vegas take on David Clarkson’s deal. That’s dead cap money and an extra contract, so one it doesn’t matter much to Vegas since they’ll just LTIR it and get the insurance money back anyway. Clearly the Blue Jackets were eager to be rid of that, and McPhee says, “Oh jeez Jarmo, sure I’ll take that off your hands, for a price.”

But if he doesn’t at least have a first-round pick and a good prospect or young roster player coming with it, well, that’s a huge missed opportunity. The good news for McPhee is, everyone knows it and has to act accordingly. And that’s bad news for everyone else.

The Real Estate Agent Directory™ on Facebook passes Half-a-Million Members.

Real estate technology company HomeASAP has announced that membership in its directory – a real estate marketplace that connects agents with home buyers, sellers and referrals in 15,000 U.S. cities – has surpassed 500,000 members. This represents 25 percent of all licensed real estate agents in the United States (estimated to be two million by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO®), and as many as 50 percent of all active agents (1-1.3 million est.).Image result for The Real Estate Agent Directory™ on Facebook Surpasses Half-a-Million Members. Agents Increasingly Turning to Facebook for Leads, Referrals and Brand Building


Members of the Real Estate Agent Directory™ are provided complimentary customized agent profiles for their Facebook business pages where they can promote themselves and their listings to harvest leads and referrals from consumers and other agents. It serves as a gateway to a variety of other free and paid marketing apps, groups and services that help real estate professionals grow their networks, businesses, and expertise. The directory was launched in October 2011. There is no cost to join.

“We’re excited to pass this historic milestone”, said Mark Bloomfield, founder, and CEO of HomeASAP. We’ve worked hard to make the Directory the premiere destination for real estate agents on Facebook, a place where they can learn, grow and profit within Facebook’s ecosystem. Our success not only reflects Facebook’s amazing growth but the value we’ve created especially for real estate professionals on the social network.”

Image result for The Real Estate Agent Directory™ on Facebook Surpasses Half-a-Million Members. Agents Increasingly Turning to Facebook for Leads, Referrals and Brand BuildingHomeASAP, which specializes in online marketing solutions for real estate agents, pioneered the use of IDX Home Search™ websites on Facebook Pages, a concept that was controversial at the time due to rules about how IDX data can be used, but which was ultimately accepted and has since become commonplace.

“The growth of READ and use of IDX on Facebook illustrate the network’s accelerating development into a one-stop platform for everything, including real estate”, says Bloomfield. “More agents than ever before are turning to Facebook as a critical source for brand building and lead generation, while consumers are increasingly using it for buying, selling and product research, including researching agents. When taken into consideration with Facebook’s highly-targeted ad capabilities, it’s easy to understand current trends.”

In addition to the Real Estate Agent Directory’s milestone, recent surveys conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and Inman revealed:

  • 95 percent of consumers go online for home search information 1
  • 90 percent used a real estate agent to buy or sell a home 1
  • 89.85 percent of agents and brokers had a Facebook page for their business 2
  • 72.73 percent said Facebook was the most important social media network for their business, with YouTube placing a distant second at 9.09% 3
  • 39.7 percent of agents reported generating between 2-10+ leads per month on Facebook 2
  • 50.45 percent spent between $20 – $500 per month on Facebook lead generation 2
  • 8.09 percent spent over $500 per month 2
  • When asked to predict how relevant Facebook would be to their business in 2020, 59.33 percent of agents said “8, 9 or 10” on the scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “very relevant”. 3


1.     NAR, 2017: Homebuyer and Seller Generational Trends

2.     Inman, 2017: Special Report: How to Turn Facebook Into a Lead Generation Machine

3.     Inman, 2016: Special Report: Is Social Media Worth the Time and Investment?

HomeASAP is the leading provider of online marketing solutions for real estate professionals, offering a broad portfolio of integrated applications and services to help connect homebuyers and sellers with agents and brokers.  The company’s flagship products include the Real Estate Agent Directory™, the #1 place on Facebook to learn about and connect with over 500,000+ real estate agents; IDX Home Search™, an innovative home search technology for agent websites integrated with Facebook business pages; and Search Alliance™, an agent-powered co-operative lead generation network.

HomeASAP also provides real estate professionals with social media services for networking, advertising, marketing , content management, referrals, CRM, and offer management under the brand names Page EngageDream Sweeps™ and TurnKey Suite™. For more information, visit

Buying A Home, Selling A Home: Am I Ready?

If you’re thinking about buying a home, make sure you’re actually committed to buying a home right now.  You’ll want to get pre-approved by a lender and be prepared to make an offer on a house the day you look at it. If you’re not ready, most likely, the house will be off the market before you put in your offer. Due to the low inventory, houses are selling quickly. Houses are receiving multiple offers and without a pre-approval letter, chances are they won’t consider your offer because they don’t believe you’re serious.

88 John Stuart

The Las Vegas market has been hovering around 2 months of inventory, which means if all the current listings were sold at the current rate, all of the homes would be gone within 2 months. A balanced market is typically 4-6 months.

This is good news if you are wanting to sell your home since they are in such high demand, so you should be able to sell it quickly if priced correctly. While not impossible for buyers, they will have to be on their A-game and ready to go when they find the perfect home. A positive for buyers is the market encourages homeowners to sell if they’ve been thinking about it, which gives a buyer more to look at, they just have to be ready to submit an offer.

If you’re thinking about buying, feel free to call us and we’d love to help you! We can put you in touch with our lender to get you pre-approved. If you’re ready to get started now, you can complete the pre-approval form here. We provide free consultations to give you an overview of our process and what to expect. We set our expectations up front to provide the best experience possible.

If you’re thinking about selling, call us and we will love to help you!  We can provide a comparable market analysis to give you an idea of our suggested list price. We offer a free consultation to explain our listing process.

If you have any real estate questions, you are always welcome to Contact us. We love sharing our knowledge to help you in purchasing your NEW DREAM HOME!